Nacho Average Post

My family has an incredible love for nachos. I’m not talking about the nachos with all the meat and toppings; I mean tortilla chips and cheddar cheese melted to gooey perfection. When I was younger, one of my parents would make a plate and all six of us would have to split it. Either that, … Continue reading Nacho Average Post


Press On

As you very well know, this blog is about transition. Each time I try to write about a different transition in my life, with a little tid-bit of what I’m learning through it. Recently, I’ve been in a dry spell. No new changes, nothing super significant to write about. I was talking to my husband … Continue reading Press On

Puppy Love

Recently, my husband and I have been fantasizing about getting a puppy. We’ve reached that stage where he wants a life-long furry best friend and I want a snuggle buddy. This of course brings my mother great excitement because “that’s one step closer to having kids!” Okay, maybe. But we just want the dog right … Continue reading Puppy Love