I’m Rachel, a 24 year-old registered nurse finding her place in this adult life. I’m newly married to my husband, learning about this so-called wife business and how precious and important that can be. I’m a lover of Jesus Christ, family, friends, and all things Ohio State.

Mostly, I’m learning about transitioning from one stage to the next. This blog is for those of us who feel clueless– some even stuck– going from change to change. And being human (at least I am), I HATE CHANGE. This site is a place to find community and help with those changes. So if you are having a hard time switching from one role to the next, this place is for you. If you aren’t– this place is also for you! Please help the rest of us figure it out!

So subscribe, comment, do what you need to get some help and be helpful. I’m crazy, analytical, and not in the least sarcastic (at least that’s what I tell myself)– but mostly learning along side of you. So most of all, enjoy the ride.