The Perfect Track Record

In college, I was one of those students that did my homework a week in advance. I also went to nursing school, so if you didn’t have a big jump on things, you typically fell behind– and quickly. I am just that type of person who plans ahead. I mean way ahead. Like years ahead. I know to some that might seem excessive, but it does help me out in life. I also think it can help when dealing with a transition, whether negative or positive.

I heard several catch phrases during my growing up years. My grandma was known for them and had plenty up her sleeve for almost every situation. “The only thing for sure in life is death and taxes.” Ever heard that one? Well I have something to add to that– change. Everyone has change. No one can keep their life exactly the same forever. Not one person is immune to transitions.

Now, lots of people don’t like transitions because change is scary. Humans thrive in routine; change destroys that routine. Change brings about uncertainty. We love to be in control, and change takes that control away from us. So naturally, we dislike these transitions, but uncertainty breeds opportunity.

But just think about this for a second: your track record for getting through change is 100%. You have always made it through a change; you’ve always come out the other side. The ride hasn’t always been smooth or easy, but you got through it. Some changes (marriage, graduations, new jobs) are exciting and welcome! But some changes (death, break ups, losing friendships) are sad and inevitable.

Sometimes it can help to anticipate these changes with a plan and a positive mental attitude. Lots of times when we think things will go wrong, they turn out great! Or if we think we won’t get through something, we always do!

So if you’re facing a transition of some kind, remember sometimes it helps to visualize it and take actions to prepare yourself for the inevitable. Transitions can be awesome; it all depends on how they are handled.

Isaiah 43:19, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”


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