God Tipped Me 25¢

I had an awful day at work. Multiple people had yelled at me, my boss was in a bad mood, and I was always behind. On hard days, sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re a small, tiny speck in a huge world and no one really cares. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that even God cares when it seems like everything else is going wrong.

I needed to get groceries after work, so after my shift went two hours over (again), I headed to Aldi. At Aldi, in order to get a grocery cart, you have to have a quarter to unlock a cart. Once you’re done, you take the cart back and lock it in with the others and out pops your quarter. Earlier that day, I had dropped a bunch of change in the parking lot while rushing into work. I must have dropped the one quarter I had in my purse that I specifically used to get a cart at Aldi. I stopped and thought that maybe I could just carry all the groceries I needed to buy in my hands, but my list was way too long. I was super discouraged. The day could not have been any worse, or so it seemed.

I felt so low. I stopped and prayed sarcastically, “Lord, if you could give me a quarter, that would be great.” As I was verbally voicing this prayer, a man pushed his cart over to the others and just left it there, without locking it into place and taking his quarter. I felt an instant wave of glee come. God just left me a quarter! I got out, grabbed that cart, and was able to finish my shopping. That was probably the most thankful I had ever been for twenty-five cents.

God does care, even about small things that we may think are insignificant. He takes care of the sparrows, and we are worth much more to him than birds (Luke 12:7). Your Creator is the one who actually cares the most. 1 Peter 5:7, “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.” Sometimes it is hard to see the ways He shows us that He cares, but He will always do something to remind you. You just have to keep an eye open for the tip!


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