Nacho Average Post

My family has an incredible love for nachos. I’m not talking about the nachos with all the meat and toppings; I mean tortilla chips and cheddar cheese melted to gooey perfection. When I was younger, one of my parents would make a plate and all six of us would have to split it. Either that, or we would make our own plate and feel guilty not sharing. There goes half of your nachos. One of my family member jokes that when we hear chips we all come running from miles away. I’m not sure he’s wrong.

My husband and I have carried this tradition on into our house. Nachos are a special occasion food and take precision in making. And I am very particular about how I make nachos. I use my round plates and start with the whole round chips. But no matter how I position them, there is always cracks and spaces where if I just put the cheese on, there is no chip for it to go on. So I use the broken chips in the bag– the partial pieces that you purposefully look to avoid when choosing the bag you buy at the grocery. I find the holes on the plate and fill them with broken chips, and those chips make the nachos complete. Top it off with cheese, microwave, and bam– yummy gooey goodness.

I think we often times look at ourselves like the broken chips in the bag. Something bad happens, whether we do it to ourselves or it happens to us, and we feel ruined and unwanted. People pick us up in the grocery store of life and put us back down because they want the whole chip. But God sees our potential. He knows that because we are broken, we are more useful than we were before. We can fit in places where others could not. We can be used to fill the gaps.

Being broken is hard, but often times it transitions us into being a better person if we let it. Paul had to lose his vision and become physically broken to fulfill his purpose. Joseph was put through many hard trials as a slave and prisoner in order to save many people and complete his purpose. Job, who I feel like went through more emotional, physical, and mental trials than most, knew brokenness led to a better life with God. In each of those situations, God always healed and provided. He does not walk away or turn his back on broken people. Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” God loves when we allow Him to use our brokenness and fill the gaps like those broken chips.

It may be a little crazy to find God in a broken tortilla nacho chip, but I also find it amazing He can reveal Himself in the simplest of ways. So next time you’re having nachos, count all the broken chips and remember that God loves you in your broken state, because He can use you in so many ways!


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