Saying Goodbye

Memories are such funny things; the older you get, the less you remember, but there are always certain things that are forever engraved in your mind. Sometimes I feel like some of my memories I only “remember” because I’ve heard about them so often. But memories are a wonderful attachment we can have to others whether they are near or far.

My grandmother passed away June 3rd, 2016, and boy does she bring back some memories. I am actually named after her– luckily I got her middle name instead of her first (thanks, Mom and Dad). I have fond memories of her when I was younger. I used to go up to her house and spend the night with her and her husband. She was a very frugal person, saving almost all she had and rarely spending it– except on her family. She was generous; she didn’t have much, but she gave what she could to us (makes me think of the widow at the end of Mark 12). She would take me to a movie or stay at home and watch one, and she would always make popcorn. I would sleep with her in her bed and we would “stick our butts together” to keep warm, right after she said her coined phrase: Night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Bite them back if you can! In her later years, I was able to help with her care, and she helped me learn to be giving and sacrificial like she was, no matter the circumstance.

Death really stinks. The transition of death is a tough one. This is most certainly a change no one wants to see, but is constantly forced upon us. Yet, it is an awesome reminder of God. Those who are born again and trust Christ get to die and live forever in Heaven. I often wonder how people can deal with death without God. That specific transition seems impossible for me. How can you actually say goodbye? I am able to say, “See ya later, Grandma,” but not everyone has that privilege. I can grieve with the knowledge that one day I will see her again. Death, although sad for us, can also bring hope for the future. I would encourage you, if you’re reading this, to think about life after death. Do you know where you are going? Do you have to say “goodbye” or do you get to say “see ya later”?

I imagine Grandma in Heaven laughing and making jokes all day long pain free. She’d be happy to be out of her pain-ridden body and be truly home. So until I get to join you, see ya later, Grandma! Thankful we don’t have to say goodbye ever, thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice!



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