Puppy Love

Recently, my husband and I have been fantasizing about getting a puppy. We’ve reached that stage where he wants a life-long furry best friend and I want a snuggle buddy. This of course brings my mother great excitement because “that’s one step closer to having kids!” Okay, maybe. But we just want the dog right now.

There are only two problems. First, we cannot decide what kind we want. I have two qualifications: I want a dog that doesn’t shed (yes, they do exist), and a dog I can cuddle with even when it is full grown. My husband wants a golden retriever. Pretty close to my wants, right? No. Not at all. Welcome to a glimpse of our lives! Let’s just say marriage is teaching us to compromise. He’s learning he may not have that golden retriever and I’m learning my cuddle buddy is going to be a little larger than preferred. But it better not shed!

Second problem is that my landlord doesn’t want indoor dogs because he has been taken advantage of with pets before. Bummer. And kind of a big obstacle for this want. My husband and I both agreed that we want an inside dog, so now we are playing the waiting game– and we are both terrible with patience.

I’m learning that is life for many of us though. As humans, we want something, think it will make our life better, get it, and want the next thing. It’s a never ending cycle. I also think it’s beautiful.

My constant want and discontentment just remind me of how much I need my God. Don’t get me wrong, I hate knowing I want more and more and don’t like the feeling. And saying that certainly doesn’t make it any easier. But I also know God put desires in my heart and is working on my patience. There are days certain material things I want are so strong I could cry or scream. But each time, there is a still, small voice that gently reminds me, “There is a season for everything” (Ecclesiastes 3). The beauty is that God is in every season and every transition.

So, no puppy for now, but we do get to have more time to figure out what kind. Maybe that’s the purpose of our waiting! If we ever find a dog that meets all of our criteria and doesn’t cost a fortune, that would be amazing! But unless they make golden retrievers that don’t shed somehow magically happen, this transition will certainly be interesting!


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